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By Finding Ways to Work Together 

Why Select My Church Management (MCM) for your Services

As an organisation it expected that the church would comply with record keeping requirements, prepare bookkeeping records for financial reporting and be qualified to claim deductions made on contributions by members. We are ready to handle payroll, bookkeeping, account management and taxation issues (if applicable depending activities) for your church regardless of its size. We are offering to be your ministry partner to undertake and manage all your reporting requirements including compliance, risk management and financial reports.

“I believe that there needs to be as many churches as there are communities. Communities of our days need churches more than ever to serve as haven for those in need, care and love” – by Vincent Santeng of PMCT Accountants & Consultants.

Reason to Select MCM

​Each church and Christian organisation is unique, hence we adapt solutions to fit your organisation. The are many reasons as to why you should select us to partner your ministry and we have listed just a few below:

  • Strategy experience and direction to implementation

  • Adaptability and scalable solutions regardless of size

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Listening and Clarity of Purpose

  • Mentoring and coaching 

  • None Denominational 

  • Biblical Foundation

  • Partner in Ministry


Every organisation is unique and regardless of your church size and geographical location be assured that we would provide your church with relevant tools to attaining your goals and objectives.

We would adapt our renowned approach and strategies specifically for your church governance and management within your constraints.

As a church, we would help you become even more relevant to your community than ever.

With our experience, exposure and knowledge impartation, your church becomes the candle that would continually burn for your community.

For instance, our twin approach of 'within' and 'in' strategies would main relevance. 

Trust is a simple word but it is core basic element for establishing relationships, responsibilities and stewardship.

There are many constraints for modern churches and a key aspect of maintaining inflows of resources is tract record of being better stewards of past and present resources.


We help churches build trusts with stakeholders and become better stewards of resources.

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