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It can be confusing and difficult trying to handle operational changes and challenges. At My Church Management, our account management team acknowledge and engage on principle that different industries have different accounting requirements and tax regulations if applicable to a church.

Image by Michael Longmire

Performance Reports

My Church Management helps churches to understand, plan, evaluate and report on performance and resource management. We provide many professional accountancy services with our partners especially PMCT Accountants & Consultants. At minimum we provide end of year financial reports, periodic activity planning, budgeting and management reports.

Accountant at Work

Financial Accounts

Our services are deliberately geared to the needs of a client regardless of business type, location, size and scope of operations. We would seamlessly step in and take responsibility for your account management needs and obligations.  

Statistic calculating

Management Account

Our Outsource Account Managers are experience in handling matters pertaining to many industries. We are comfortable in raising your expectation of high quality professional service.  We would customise and provide expert services tailored to your business requirements and needs. 


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